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Alternative Transportation

Isn’t it about Time for Alternative Transportation?

bikeDo you wish there were more bike lanes on busy streets or commuter buses to take you to work? If so, you should know that you are not the only one. In fact, there are even advocacy groups like like the one at transit.org. This is a nationwide group that spans the entire country, and it contains members in many cities in towns. All have one goal in mind. They want to make alternative transportation convenient and accessible for everybody.

Alternative Transportation Issues

Bike Lanes: There should be separate spaces for bicycles, so they do not impede auto traffic, and bikers are safer.

Bike Sharing: Bicycle sharing programs, like the one in NYC, make this healthy form of transportation accessible to everybody, and it can also reduce vehicle traffic.

Mass Transportation: Some cities are a lot better than others when it comes to mass transit. You might be able to choose between buses and trains to get just about anywhere in NYC, but try that in Houston.

Enforce Traffic Laws: Did you know that more people in NYC are killed in traffic accidents that are caused by speeding than for any other reason? More cameras and better enforcement of traffic laws should help get bad drivers off the road, and it should also remind others to stick to the posted speed limits. The technology already exists to catch reckless drivers who speed or run stop lights without an officer being present to witness the offense.

Why Not Help?

U.S. residents from NYC to Houston to LA are getting on board the effort to make alternative transportation more accessible for everybody. If just a few more people embraced this idea every day, imagine the difference that they can make in the quality of our air, road congestion, and even health. You can join a local action group.

Meanwhile, why not explore some small steps towards using forms of alternative transportation yourself. Try to take the bus or ride your bike whenever possible. If you don’t have access to a bus or a bike, you can always use your feet!


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