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Need to rent a dumpster in Omaha, NE?

photo credit: Michael Cory

photo credit: Michael Cory

Renting a dumpster isn’t rocket science. If you’re situated in Omaha, NE and you’re looking to rent a dumpster you have probably already looked at some dumpster rental companies. This article will serve as a guide on how to pick the right dumpster rental company and what you should look out for.

So we’ve established that you want to rent a dumpster. Good. Next thing you have to decide upon is the size.

The size of the dumpster will very much depend on the type of project you have and how much debris it will generate. Containers are usually measured in cubic yards. The standard sizes that are offered by Dumpster Rental Omaha are 10 yds, 15 yds, 20 yds, 30 yds and 40 yds.

10 yds and 15 yds dumpsters are good for small projects where there isn’t a lot of waste to dispose of. As an example, home remodeling projects will fit perfectly for this size. If you’re cleaning out your garage of useless junk or any other room in your house, a 10 or 15 yds container will be just right for your needs. A 10 yard dumpster will be the equivalent of three pickup truck full-loads of waste.

A 20 yds dumpster is good if you’ve got a medium-size project but you don’t have the space to fit something bigger. This type of container is a roll-off, meaning that it has no top which allows for easy loading. Generally speaking, this is a medium-size container. If you’re renovating your shed or you’re renovating your home (multiple rooms such as bathroom, kitchen and others), a 20 yds container will fit you like a glove. This container size are small enough to be loaded with ease and big enough to take care of most waste disposal needs.

When a 20 yds dumpster won’t do it, the 30 yds dumpster comes to the rescue. Used mostly for construction or demolition jobs, a 30 yds container can fit the load of approximately nine pickup truck loads – which is a lot! If you’ve got a construction, de-cluttering or total interior renovation project and don’t want to worry about not having the space to dispose of the resulting debris, this dumpster will come in handy.

When you’ve got extreme amounts of debris, you can’t go wrong with the 40 yds dumpster. This is the biggest one you will be able to rent, but don’t worry – you won’t ever need a larger one. If you’re doing a demolition or a total home renovation, this size will eat up all your debris and then ask for seconds. Suitable for projects when you’ve got materials that are heavy – bricks, shingles, tiles, dirt – and in large quantities. A 40 yds dumpster will accommodate almost 12 pickup truck loads of debris.

Once you’ve decided on the size that’s right for you, all you have to do is call the dumpster rental company, check to see if they have the size you need in inventory and schedule a delivery and pick-up date. A good dumpster rental company will answer your questions and help you choose a dumpster size if you’re still unsure on the size you need.

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